Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1. Can a room be soundproofed?
A1. A "soundproof" room denotes the complete prevention of all sound from entering or exiting a room. Yes, it is possible, however, the space required is a physical volume substantially greater than the volume of the room to be soundproofed; also required is a proper support structure; and among other elements requires a specialized ventilation system.
Q2. Will Rosati Acoustics design a recording studio in a commercial or residential environment?
A2. Yes, we have considerable experience with professional commercial and residential studio design. Our first studio, designed in 1977, produced multiple platinum albums. We can transform a wide variety of spaces into either a world-class facility, a serious high-end project studio or any custom style which matches your goals.
Q3. Are there any projects too large or too small for Rosati Acoustics?
A3. We do not have a maximum limit for the scope of a project. Our minimum period for consultation is three hours for a project within an hour of Boston. We will carefully review and discuss any request for services.
Q4. Will Rosati Acoustics work with commercial, industrial or residential environments?
A4. Yes, we design and engineer projects for any environment. We have substantial experience within each of these.
Q5. What is the greatest distance that staff of Rosati Acoustics will travel for a project?
A5. Staff are available to travel practically anywhere in the world.
Q6. How many years has Rosati Acoustics worked in the design and engineering field?
A6. We have worked in the professional design and engineering field for over 36 years, with projects incorporating specialized interior acoustics, noise isolation, vibration control, sound and A/V systems, including cutting edge recording studio technology.
Q7. Will Rosati Acoustics also integrate a complete sound reinforcement or audio/video system?
A7. Yes, we have designed/installed over 1000 projects throughout the country. Design and engineering services can be independent or coupled with an installation. The integration division of Rosati Acoustics includes authorized dealership for 100+ manufacturers of professional A/V, control and related equipment.
Q8. What are typical deliverables for a design and engineering project?
A8. Depending upon the type of project and the scope of services involved, our deliverables may include, although are not limited to, an engineering report, measurement results, equipment specifications and a set of CAD drawings – to include plans and layouts; sections and elevations; wiring diagrams and schematics; fabrication and engineering details.
Q9. Does Rosati Acoustics work with architects and other engineers?
A9. Absolutely, we are often engaged by or team with an architectural or engineering firm. Depending upon the nature of the project, we are also contracted directly by project owners as well.
Q10. What is an acoustician's role in a construction project?
A10. Acoustician's offer design, consultation and engineering services as to prevent unwanted sound and vibration from traveling throughout a building, or from entering or exiting a specific space. Additionally, they create interior acoustical characteristics for specific applications/requirements.
Q11. How many years has Rosati Acoustics combined comprehensive design services with integration services?
A11. For over 36 years Rosati Acoustics has engaged in turnkey solutions for projects involving acoustics, A/V systems and related technologies.
Q12. Will Rosati Acoustics provide design services and install the technology for a performance stage?
A12. Yes, we will design a new facility, or configure an existing space, into a professional performance environment. Rosati Acoustics can manage all design, engineering, installation and technical aspects of the project.
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