Our Start

Rosati Acoustics + Multimedia, Inc was founded by Rob Rosati in 1978. Previously, he was the chief sound engineer for an internationally popular musical group touring large concert venues around the world.

The extensive touring gave Rob the opportunity to meld together his formal engineering studies (EE) from the University from Rhode Island, with real-world professional equipment, diverse acoustic environments and in-situ performance. Almost daily for numerous years, Rob reviewed floor layouts, directed the system design, measured and aligned system performance using the latest analysis equipment, and performed the live mix of the band.

This combination of activities correlated numerous key element in the development of system and architectural acoustics design concepts. From the first time Rob set-up an experiment in an anechoic chamber, he realized his career would involve acoustics and the behavior of sound – especially with his passion for music and instruments. During and after his touring days, he worked as a recording engineer and was credited with recording a multiplatinum album. The studio experience furthered his understanding of real-world acoustics and the requirements of discriminating environments, as the recording process lends itself to experimentation, and Rob was continually seeking new ways to manipulate sound. His approach centered on room acoustics interaction, innovative signal flow schemes and capture techniques.

Next in his career, Rob designed professional recording studios, small–large scale audio systems, performance and lecture spaces, and consulted on noise and vibration control. Studio design and performance spaces are a multi-faceted domain for architectural acoustics. The design and engineering criteria are demanding, and stimulating. One of the many objectives is to acoustically isolate nearby rooms to the degree where screams, drum hits, head-rattling guitar riffs or trumpet blasts are inaudible in the adjacent rooms. The sealed-room design always must account for bi-directional air flow, without sound leakage. Multiple platinum albums were recorded in the studios he designed.

Each specific room design requires precise control of all aspects of sound wave propagation and behavior, while blending-in comfort to accommodate long performances, as well as aesthetically sensitive/pleasing to foster performance creativity and address important architectural elements.

Rosati Acoustics + Multimedia, Inc was shaped upon the straightforward guiding philosophy that seamless integration of complementary elements drive a project to achieve technological and human harmony – a successful result. The robust, high-performance designs, technology and signal integrity techniques derived from recording arts and live-sound experience can be effectively applied to projects of all types... please refer to the
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